ARSOF Capability Manager Analyst

USASOC Force Modernization Center is seeking the following expertise for separate positions:

Capability Management duties are chartered to integrate Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leader Development, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTMLPF-P) for their assigned capability area(s). See below for more detail.

1) Integrated Fires/Targeting

Position requires knowledge of Fires and Targeting with recent experience related to MultiDomain Operations (MDO) Concept, new developments in kill chain/ kill web concepts with linkages to the application of lethal and non-lethal fires.

Preferred Experience: Fires/Targeting experience within SOF, Special Forces BN level or higher, assignment at Combat Training Centers (CTC) or actual deployment experience as Fire Support/Targeting Officer. 3 years’ experience as a Fire Support Officer (FSO) or Targeting Officer.

Individual will develop/write and review requirements documents, specifically Capability Development Documents (CDD) and DOTMLPFP Change Requests (DCR)s. Individual will facilitate document development, staffing of requirements and the integration of Fires/Targeting DOTMLPF-P requirements into ARSOF concepts, experimentation and capability documents. Individual will coordinate activities focused on generation and capability development, review concepts for specific Fires/Targeting requirements. Focus will be on current and the future Fires/Targeting integration of Ground, Air, Maritime and Space which also includes incorporation of UAS/RAS.

- OR -

2) Communications:

Position requires working/practicing/operational experience in Communications:

  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) Communications and Radios

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP)

  • MUOS

  • Tactical Radio Communications- Voice, Data, Imagery-FMV

  • PLI

  • A3I

  • JADC2


- OR -

3) Robotics Autonomous Systems (RAS)

Position requires knowledge of Robotics Autonomous Systems (RAS), which include Air, Ground, Maritime and Sub-Terranean systems.

Individual will develop/write requirements and requirements documents, specifically Capability Development Documents and DOTMLPFP Change Requests (DCR)s and participate in requirements meetings and Integrated Planning Teams (IPT). Individual will facilitate requirements document development and staffing. and coordinate activities focused on generation and capability development.

All three, specialty positions described previously will assume Capability Management Analyst responsibilities in their area of expertise--- either Fires/Targeting or Communications or Robotics. The CMA duties are outlined below.

The Capability Management Analyst (CMA) position shall analyze and develop ARSOF concepts that integrate USSOCOM, FORSCOM, USASOC and 1st Special Forces Command initiatives with Army concepts and capabilities across all DOTMLPF-P domains. This will ensure Special Operations Forces adapt and remain prepared to conduct operations to achieve mission objectives in a JIIM environment and maintain a balance between deployability, sustainability, and in-theater footprints with lethality, mobility, and survivability. The CMAs must monitor current, proposed, and future organizational structure and equipment requirements to ensure all capability gaps are addressed to reflect the needs identified by the Department of the Army and the Special Operations Command. CMAs will consider and analyze the National Defense Strategy, components of the Army Concept Framework, and strategic guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, HQDA, and USSOCOM, FORSCOM, USASOC, and 1st SFC (A) to develop sound force structure concepts that result in viable ARSOF force structure solutions and coordinate with other force modernization proponents, other Services, and joint headquarters, as needed, to prioritize, integrate, and synchronize concept requirements. Experience working with Special Operation Forces preferred.

Desired certifications and training include completion of Defense Acquisition University courses; Introduction to JCIDS - CLR 101, Core Concepts for Requirements -RQM 110 and Advanced Concepts for Requirements Management -RQM 3100V

Preferred: 2 years’ experience within either Army or SOCOM Capability Development desired.

Job Type: Full-time

Location: USASOC, Fort Bragg

Competitive pay and full benefits

Relocation allowance offered

Please send resume to: Kristin Richmond -

Tailored Training Programs

Fort Bragg, NC

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