Matthew Gfeller Center Veteran Outreach & Programs Coordinator

This position will primarily serve as the Veteran Outreach and Programs Coordinator for the Transforming Health & Resilience in Veterans (THRIVE) Program. The THRIVE Program will be a community-based clinical outreach program designed to provide care to Veterans who are experiencing the effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or post-traumatic stress (PTS) resulting from a career serving our nation. The three-phase program will 1) evaluate and diagnose physical, cgnitive, and other health conditions during a 3-day evaluation period, 2) treat these diagnoses during a 3-week intensive outpatient program, and 3) continue to check in with the Veteran for up to 12 months following program completion. In its full capacity, the program will see approximately 150 Veterans per year and will provide a referral network and post-program follow-ups for as many as 400 Veterans and family members every year.

The Veteran Outreach and Programs Coordinator within the THRIVE Program will manage overall program outreach strategy, program development & implementation, program communications & strategic development, and provide peer clinical support. This position may require travel.

In addition, the Veteran Outreach and Programs Coordinator will work with a multi-disciplinary team across a variety of areas to learn more about TBI, physiological and psychological health conditions, and overall wellness of Veterans.

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