"You are not broken. You are not a victim. You are not a survivor. You have chosen the hard path—a path full of extreme experiences, both good and bad, which leave memories. These memories, in turn, leave a residue within you, which if processed can serve as the fuel that moves us to wisdom and joy. If unprocessed, however, it will begin to build up, to harden, until you can no longer move or breathe, until all you know is pain and sorrow."

These powerful words from Dr. Preston B. Cline of The Mission Critical Team Institute and the Wharton School are the opening lines of Residue, a paper intended to inform and educate the Special Operations Community on the extreme burden many carry post mission or after years of service. According to Dr. Cline:

"This paper is based on the rejection of the idea that Operators, in Medicine, Fire, Law Enforcement and Military, must sacrifice their lives and souls, in exchange for living a life of service. That together, as a community of Operators and academics, we can find ways to help them process their extreme experiences into the fuel that grows their wisdom, not the poison that fuels their sorrow."

"This project is about finding better ways to process that residue."

Please click here to read the entire article, available online courtesy of Dr. Cline and the Mission Critical Team Institute.

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