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Since inception in January 2017, the 3rd Group Warrior Fund has been the most profound and timely contributor to benevolent and overt support during my 15 year tenure of 3rd Special Forces Group employment.  As a defacto founding Board of Director member by virtue of my former position as the Group Command Sergeant Major, I unequivocally declare that the Warrior Fund constitution was fundamentally based on addressing immediate needs of all Soldiers assigned to the Group with a secondary mission of broader unit support.  And by design, the fund was specifically extended to enabling family member educational goals with

scholarship opportunities.  

Further in conjunction with other charitable / non-profit organizations, the 3rd Group Warrior Fund significantly enhanced our external relationships in the CIV-MIL domain with a comprehensive strategy to broaden and strengthen the Friends of SOF Network.  In that regard, the 3rd Group Warrior Fund has grown exponentially and uniquely differs from a traditional nonprofit or benevolent organization with a comprehensive messaging campaign inclusive of aggregate support for the Service Member and the Unit in mind.  

Therefore, the Fund ultimately seeks to leverage all elements of support from various entities for one common goal: support to the Service and their family Member in the best interest of the unit.  

Lastly in principle, the 3rd Group Warrior Fund is founded, managed, and exercised within the legal parameters of fiscal law, directed by an approved elected authority, and bounded by the ethics of volunteer Senior Enlisted Leaders who validate the accountability of every single dollar in accordance with pecuniary liability, which in essence, makes the Warrior Fund truly special with honest intent.

— 3RD GROUP CSM (2016 - 2018)

Over the last couple of years through my professional career I've been fortunate enough to meet and get to know a handful of veterans from the Special Forces family and it is with a high degree of confidence when I say they have each changed my life profoundly. 

While I have been highly motivated to give back to those who have given so much to our country and to me personally; I had always been highly skeptical of charities and fund raising organizations. I wanted to be confident that any support I give would have a direct impact on those fighting on our front line. When Terry Peters made me aware of the 3rd Group Warrior Fund and invited me to experience first hand the caliber and capabilities of an A Team within the 3rd Special Forces Group I was both extremely honored and intrigued.

Having recently returned from the pines in Fort Bragg to the congestion and chaos of LA I am still processing and unpacking the experience I shared with several other lucky professionals from the civilian world. I cannot recount the entire experience and do it justice but I can do my best to summarize by saying that never before have I been so profoundly educated and inspired in two short days. It couldn't have been made more clear that the 3rd Special Forces Group truly represents the top one percent of the best America has to offer, our brightest and bravest men on the front line. 

During the culmination event what really hit home is that behind each exceptional fighter is an equally exceptional family, spouses, and other veterans. While my capabilities to support and impact the teams on the front-end as they prepare to take on their duties are significantly limited, I know now where my support can be applied for maximum effect. Through the 3rd Group Warrior Fund I can provide significant support on the back-end, after the fight where a more robust support structure is especially critical for the families, spouses, and veterans of 3rd Special Forces Group. As our Nation's 'Quiet Professionals' commit to giving everything for our country I have achieved new found celerity and confidence in my commitment to them.


The insight into Special Forces Operations gained from meeting 3rd Group service members and commanders was second to none. I'm glad we were educated on the Q Course and the standards of the Green Berets before we met them, it became clear that the type of human standard required for service wasn't understated in our briefing. 
Humans over hardware stood out to me as a pillar of the organization. I've worked in my industry for a short seven years and have met hundreds of artists, engineers and designers at the top of my field. The service members from this ODA  could stand with the best of them. It's clear that a culture of excellence exists in the Green Beret leadership and it is expressed in every service member that I met that day. 
I would be proud to have these individuals as friends, colleagues and especially, leaders.


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